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Why the dispute over Well #7

Crestview purchased a vacant lot at 191 Alviso in October 2015 for $505,000 to develop new Well #7. At the time, the Board anticipated it would cost $1.2 million to permit and build. That estimate has grown to $2.6 million. The Board refused to disclose the details of the purchase. No lawsuit has been filed by the HOA or residents. View the Power-Point presentation; The Facts About Well #7.

A Hydrogeologist in the Ventura County Groundwater Section provided the following written statement: When I first heard of plans to construct a water well, I brought the restrictions to Mr. Eranio's attention. I conducted research into alternate sites that were not subject to the same restrictions, to facilitate Crestview's goal of installing a well. Mr. Eranio was not interested in hearing any alternatives. As a Hydrogeologist, I'm perplexed as to why Crestview chose a site in close proximity to a well that is "going dry." The chosen location is subject to the same declining water levels as well #4 and is not likely to produce more water than #4.

A letter from Crestview Mutual Water Co. Director Steve Gill was included with your March bill with with the glaring claim that a recent shareholder email "contained so many factual errors and misrepresentations that it requires an immediate response."

Conspicuously absent was anything to support the inflammatory remark. Included was a letter from the Ventura County Fire Department supporting a proposed new Crestview well. The Fire Department supporting any working addition to fire-fighting infrastructure is hardly surprising.

Let's look at the facts presented to Ventura County Planning Director Dave Ward on March 5, 2020. In attendance was Crestview's Attorney, Greg Patterson, Crestview Director Sol Chooljian and Consulting General Manager Robert Eranio who spoke in favor of the project. Approximately 20 Crestview shareholders also attended. The speaking shareholders were unanimously opposed to the Well #7 project -- none spoke in favor of the project.